Uniforms and special clothing

Uniforms and special clothing

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The cost of special clothing or footwear required for your job is not deductible.  However, special clothing or footwear provided by or reimbursed by the employer will not be considered a taxable benefit to the employee under certain circumstances:

When the employer provides a distinctive uniform, or protective clothing or footwear that is designed to protect them from workplace hazards, this is not a taxable benefit.

  • If the employer pays an allowance to the employee for purchasing these items, and the employee is required to provide receipts, this is not a taxable benefit.
  • If an allowance is paid to the employee for the purchase of protective clothing, and the employee is not required to provide receipts, the amount paid will be a taxable benefit to the employee unless all of the following conditions are met:
    • the law requires the employee to wear the protective clothing on the work site,
    • the employee purchased the protective clothing, and
    • the amount paid is reasonable.




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